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MOLESKINE: by Skip Hunt

This blog is a reinterpretation of a journal-styled travel journal, or "moleskine" where there's no intinerery or chronological order. Each post will have little bits of photos, travel vignettes/stories, a little poetry, etc. Sort of a book you flip through when you feel like escaping for a few moments. Doesn't matter if you flip to the front, middle, or end. Just flip through and dream of the road.

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I'll have to give this more thought, but I will say... with me what you see is what you get.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

~ Fado ~

“The last rights were given... all was lost.

He'd hoped for a miracle or for the huddled mass to finally awaken from the wicked enchantment.

It was not to be.

And so it went... fluttering and battered... slipping out through shuttered window crack...

Perhaps one day they could finally see. How furious they'd be!

He packed up his rage... folded it carefully, and placed it neatly next to his hope...

He closed the pack and made his way down the darkened passage singing a lone sad melody.”

Coimbra, Portugal


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