Saturday, October 15, 2005

get off your computer! boost your bain-power

Here I sit on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Austin, Texas. I have a motorcycle and it's about 85F. So why am I sitting here updating my blog? Out of pure love for my audience of course. (an audience of 0 it seems) ;-)

Someone asked me why I was reading a book the "old fashioned" way and not on computer. I told them for some reason I just can't read long tomes via computer. For some reason the ol' synapse don't seem to connect as well as with a paper version. I wonder why that is? Possibly just learned behaviour, but I do notice my brain seems to kick into gear much better if I try to read the old school method for a half hour or so every day. I don't get the same effect when I read via computer.

Then I ran accross this article: Boost your brain power at work. It says being obsessed with text messaging, email, blogs, etc. actually drops your IQ a few points. More so than marajuanna! Go figure. So that's what my problem is. I guess I'll just have to put away this machine and go ride a "real" one for the afternoon.

The photo included is from a several week odyssey I took on a dual-sport motorcycle from Texas through Mexico, the entire Baja, Vegas, the Grand Canyon, New Mexico, etc. This particular photo I took almost at the bottom of the Baja in the desert near Todos Santos. If you're not up to getting out in the world at the moment and would rather read on-line, check out my "Skip's Mexican Motorcycle Blog". I haven't got it all up yet... and it's best if you start from the beginning.. but, I'm told it's a good read. ;-)


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