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MOLESKINE: by Skip Hunt

This blog is a reinterpretation of a journal-styled travel journal, or "moleskine" where there's no intinerery or chronological order. Each post will have little bits of photos, travel vignettes/stories, a little poetry, etc. Sort of a book you flip through when you feel like escaping for a few moments. Doesn't matter if you flip to the front, middle, or end. Just flip through and dream of the road.

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Name: Skip Hunt
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I'll have to give this more thought, but I will say... with me what you see is what you get.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

~ Gravity ~

“Dipped down to touch my reflection... And, saw a reality
much like mine.

As I pondered the reflection, it became more real
than the one I had known...

Until, I realized the mirror was the truth, and my perception...

...was only the valid twin of all I had dreamed.”

Barcelona, Spain


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