Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Guatemalan Tragedy at Lake Atitlan

So, I guess I've been watching too much news lately. I woke around 3AM and just couldn't go back to sleep. I started thinking about all those poor people in Guatemala that were just covered up by a volcanic mudslide.

Evidently the Guatemalan officials aren't even going to try and dig them out. They're just going to declare the area that used to be a quaint little town... a mass grave.

Now, you hear this sort of thing happening off and on.. but usually you can just let it pass over and go on with your life. But, I've been to these villages on at least three occasions and I can't get the images out of my head. Guess tragedy hits a bit harder if you have at least some personal connection with the place. But, if you don't.. it's sort of filed away in the abstract.

This is an image I shot at lake Atitlan during better days. I know the lake is surrounded by volcanoes so I'm not sure if the one in the background is the same one that gave way burying those people. It's such a lovely place... and a popular traveler destination. I hope the tourism doesn't disappear with the town. :-(


At 10:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Panabaj was at the foot of Volcan Toliman, about hlf way up Santiago Bay. Lake Atitlan map.

At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does it make you sad? This is nature, like a tsunami, earthquake, this isn't our planet. True it is beautiful, i have been there, It still is, even if the tourism doesn't return, infact more so....stunning photo btw.


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