Monday, October 10, 2005

Just keeping it fresh

Well, I think I've been bit by the blog bug. Just discovered them Friday and now on Monday I have 3 blogs. ;-)

A feeling has dawned on me recently. For years now, I have fought against Bush. I've railed against these fascists every chance I could get. I loathe to even see any of this cronies faces in the press... and dreamed of there ultimate "outing" as lying criminals.

fI couldn't see how anyone could get behind these people and support them. Even the religious, evangelical types... how the hell could they support a "war president"? That was REALLY beyond me.

But now that many of these folks are starting to catch on and realize what a monster they've been supporting... now that George's polls are falling and his support base crumbling... now that even many of his loyal pundits are cursing his name.... instead of happy, I kinda feel sad. Even more sad than having to swallow that some people supported a fascist. I'm more sad now because it doesn't really matter so much that these blind followers are finally waking up. The damage has been done. We're hated, trapped in a war, all the weathly have been payed up with record profits, companies like Halliburton will be busy for many years, everyone Bush sold us out for are happy and nothing will take that away from them.

But all of us, regardless of whether or not any kind of impeachment takes place are still left holding the bag, the bill, and pain.

They royally screwed over most of us, and appear that they and their wealthy pals will get away with it regardless.


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