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MOLESKINE: by Skip Hunt

This blog is a reinterpretation of a journal-styled travel journal, or "moleskine" where there's no intinerery or chronological order. Each post will have little bits of photos, travel vignettes/stories, a little poetry, etc. Sort of a book you flip through when you feel like escaping for a few moments. Doesn't matter if you flip to the front, middle, or end. Just flip through and dream of the road.

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Name: Skip Hunt
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I'll have to give this more thought, but I will say... with me what you see is what you get.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Plaza ~ Shine

“Like a swift subway blast of subterranean wind, I was carried around the corner. Into the plaza I wandered and tried to get a grip on what might have happened. After a brief dizzy sensation that I'd blamed on the hot afternoon vapors, it was as if I'd actually drifted out of time and walked right into some forgotten Cuban plaza. I'd never been to Cuba, but this looked like the picture I had of it.

I wandered around the plaza looking for some clue... some evidence that it
actually exhisted. But, I remember that it seemed as though no one could see me... like everyone could see right through me and I could move freely undetected.

I snapped photos as personal proof that I had in fact been there... in case my mind later attempted to convince me it'd all been merely a dream.

Mexico City


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