Friday, October 14, 2005


I've been angry... I fight with conservatives who don't seem to hold their leader accountable for anything... just flollow and support no matter what. I get angy with those liberals who actually do oppose such blatantly heinous acts by our current (corporate-controlled/fascist) government... because they can't seem to pick their battles very well... nor, can they provide much better alternatives in leadership. I get frustrated with the news media for now treating news as a commercial commodity and spinning whatever story the highest bidder wants spun. I used to get angry with people who just turn a blind eye and pretend everything's just fine if they don't see it... but.... at the end of the day.... I surrender. All I want to do is watch another sunset along the riverwalk in Sevilla.... Oh, and "buy the world a coke." ;-)

Sevilla, Spain


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