Friday, October 21, 2005

What Dreams may Come

I watched this movie "What Dreams May Come" again the other night... caught it late at night, but I have the DVD. I know this movie didn't do all that swell. And that people seem to hate Robbins Williams doing anything other than comedy, but I really enjoyed it. I think most people just pigeon-hole actors and anytime they try to break out of their "place"... the general public just has a cow. They can't seem to adapt to change or experimentation. They just want things a certain way, and they don't want it to ever change. That's probably why the U.S. is in such a societal pickle right now.. but I digress.

About the movie, much of it takes place in Heaven and Hell. One of the points made in the movie is that in heaven you can litterally create whatever heaven you like... with paint, angels, flying dogs, etc. The film's design and cinematography is pretty outstanding too, but I think some didn't like the maudlin vibes reverberating throughout the story.

I've seen this film many times and enjoy it every time. But THIS time, it really hit home about how you can create your OWN heaven. And it got me thinking (ouch!)... you don't really have to die first to create your own heaven. You can create your own heaven right here on Earth everyday with just a change in attitude (barring any unforseen "acts of God" and all). :-)

You know.. seeing the Universe in a grain of sand.. and "the kingdom of Heaven is within you.." kind of stuff.


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