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MOLESKINE: by Skip Hunt

This blog is a reinterpretation of a journal-styled travel journal, or "moleskine" where there's no intinerery or chronological order. Each post will have little bits of photos, travel vignettes/stories, a little poetry, etc. Sort of a book you flip through when you feel like escaping for a few moments. Doesn't matter if you flip to the front, middle, or end. Just flip through and dream of the road.

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I'll have to give this more thought, but I will say... with me what you see is what you get.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Past ~ Perfect ~ Porto

“Winding slowly through the misty vineyards of Northern Portugal I watch my immediate tear-stained past reform into melancholy memory...

The softening time passages dissolve into rich rustic regret...

I know not where I go, but glare into the fresh pasttime and soak up the last drops of present as the moment nettles into vague warm recollection...

It's so strange how a memory presents itself so differently just moments after it has occurred and then oftentimes sweetly reforms itself into something so much more.

Train from Porto, Portugal to Vila Real.


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