Thursday, November 03, 2005

Where have the birds gone? Avian Flu? or Paranoid?

Call me paranoid... but I live in Austin, Texas. We really don't get much of a Winter except a few weeks around 40-50F with an occassional drop to freezing. At my house we get LOADS of birds year round. If I forget to pull my car in the garage it gets covered in bird shit. In our backyard we have several birdfeeders that we keep full most of the time. Squirrels grab the best stuff, but the birds hold their own.

Well, what's strange is... I haven't seen a bird in weeks. Feeders are full. I've left my car outside of the garage a few times.. no birdshit. Where did they all go?

I know birds fly South and all.. but I could've sworn this time last year we had tons of birds.

Global warming and the birds haven't left the North yet? They're scared of our cat? Avian Flu got'em?


At 11:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The date on your message was 2005. Well today is 11-03-07 and we are asking the same question-- Where are the birds? We live on a 40 acre spread and ALWAYS have birds at the feeder outside our back window. We have seen only THREE in the past three weeks. Ever since the hummingbirds left we have been almost bird- free. It is very distrubing!!


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