Friday, October 28, 2005

divine chaos

I just love the little bits of sweet composition you see every now and then from within the banal.. everyday... chaos.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Mariner's Dream

I took this snap on my way to the bus station in Tavira, Portugal. It'd been a very odd previous night to say the least.

On the 2nd floor above the bus station, there's a bar that has a coin-op internet machine. I'd wondered in there to grab a glass of port and check email, but had to settle for just the glass of vino since the machine had long gone out of commission.

I straddled a bar stool and admired the giant banner behind the bar with the famous shot of Che' Guevara printed on it in red. My pockets were pretty light, so all I could afford was one glass. A man approached me and spoke in Portuguese pointing at my shirt. I'd forgotten I was wearing a Che' shirt I'd picked up in Mexico City and the French bartender explained the man was the owner of the bar and a huge fan of Che'! He started to pour me another port until I stopped him. I explained I was short on funds, but he said the drinks were on the owner. He added that the owner hoped he'd get me drunk enough to trade shirts. I told him, "No can do, but I'll take the drink! Obrigado!"

The port seemed the flow the most freely as my subversive banter became increasingly more passionate. I don't remember how many glasses we drank, but eventually there was a small group around me all stating their anger with the current "powers that be" and we were trying to one-up each other with our rebel yells for revolution!

Eventually, one of the gentleman suggested that if I were truly interested in joining "the" revolution, he could hook me up with people in Seville, and that it would take me a year of training. He said I'd be taught Arabic and be required to convert to Islam. I began to get a bit nervous, but I continued with the conversation awhile longer just to see if this guy was yanking my chain. It didn't take long to ascertain he wasn't and after he revealed the "group" as the well-known organization beginning with "Al"... I began making my way toward the door.

Not five minutes later, I happened on a couple hippys playing guitar and flute on this 13th century bridge. They claimed to be Welsch and Pagan Sorcerers... but that's another story.