Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bomber Coffee

Here's a casual chat pretending like anyone out there really gives a ding-dang flippity-flop about anything I have to say. ;-) But, I thought I'd pop this little clip up as sort of a little comment and rendevous you might have with some stranger in a coffee shop.

Please forgive my appearance... hadn't showered yet... just droppin' you some casual morning jibber-jabber over a smoke and some coffee. :-)

Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sacred Fire I-VI

For your pleasure: Sacred Fire I

enveloped in the sanctity of the truth...

...she met the venomous darkness face to face...

and wrapt the unspoken evil within her...

sacred fire.


For your pleasure: Sacred Fire II

...honey drip down and suckle my soul...

...to take me into your fiery fold...

...and mould my stony pain...

...into your liquid ecstasy.


For your pleasure: Sacred Fire III

~it tingled at first... a curious twinge before the pain... and then the burn felt slick and cold... then thickened into something I hadn't quite bargained for.

I writhed for a bit until I couldn't take it any more. Her secrets would have to remain unknown for now. I was weak...

Almost free from her torrid grip, and back into the icy night... she thrust her searing arm toward mine.

I wanted to save myself, but was seduced by her enchanting ardor~


For your pleasure: Sacred Fire IV

~the struggle had long since subsided... when I found myself entwined... slippy and falling... rising... floating within her fervid touch.

Shifted from material to passionate blaze... I felt the moment when I became we... and, I never missed losing my self...

I only wanted us to be forever burning eternally as one~


For your pleasure: Sacred Fire V

~as we danced her velvet sweltering flushed me so...

I forgot about my self, soul, and sanity...

Her searing beguilement became my loving mantra~


~pulled back and floated stunned in the charcoal void... intoxicated by the stench of fuel and infatuation.

Where was I? And where had I been?

The residual flame licked and tickled my lascivious longing until I drifted back into the wood to love her from afar~

(this image completes my 6 part series "Sacred Fire". Sacred Fire images I-V were all taken from this one image)