Monday, November 07, 2005

Military Checkpoint Tip!

Hey, here's a tip for ya... if you'e riding in Mexico and get tired of all the military checkpoints, opening your bags, showing passport, permit, questions about drugs and arms, etc.... Just ask the military dude if after his inspection you can take a photo of him on your bike. He'll be THRILLED and there will be no inspection. Just a quick snap and they just wave you on your way. Just make sure you say "OK" if he asks to try on your helmet too. ;-)

Here's a photo I shot of me, myself, and I on the Baja. I was just getting ready to ride into the storm you see in the background, but missed most of it. I can't tell you just how ethereal the desert smells in the Northern baja just after a rain. The closest I can come to it is... imagine if the Mother of God were to be primping her holy self for a night at the opera... the perfume she'd wear might smell very similar to that intoxicating fragrance that rises from a freshly showered North Baja desert.

The fluid in the water jug is gasoline... didn't take a proper gas can with me, but it worked out just fine. Unfortunately, I didn't quite get the hang of pouring gas from a water just into my gas tank until about the 3rd try. Most of the gas just washed right over my entire tank and tank bag. ;-)

FYI: The bike looks so clean because the shot was taken just off the highway right before heading off-road toward Coco's Corner (about 24km of washboard and mud). And, because I'm a dork and like pretty shiny things... I borrowed some old towels and a bucket of soapy water from the posada I was staying at and cleaned ol' Ruby up real nice before the off-road portion. ;-)