Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Exhibition: The Unique Perspectives of Skip Hunt [Photography]

On exhibition for the first time, the Unique Perspectives of Skip Hunt: Photography.

Drogos do Brazil ~ Austin, Texas ~ 2nd and San Jacinto ~ MARCH 1-31 ~ Opening March 7th, 7pm till 9pm

Show Announcement

Skip Hunt is a photographer who lives in Austin, Texas. Well, I mean that’s his residence, but his mind, his heart and his camera are always traveling to find and catch exotic places and then share his feelings with the lucky people that can see his images, so incredibly wrapped up in a unique atmosphere that lets you feel and taste colours and light, but also – as if in a magical ether – the sounds, the flavours (mostly spicy ones), scents and vibrations.

Each Skip Hunt photograph is the synthesis of a life experienced, it is not just the reporter’s curiosity – that often dominates in photography today, linked to an event or a precise narration – but the willingness to walk next to the subjects of the photos through their worlds and let us live the feelings he absorbs and perceives. For a second, for a minute… or for all the necessary time. Have a grand journey through the photos of these emotions and feelings reported, look at his gallery and sink into one of his wonderful worlds. You likely won’t want to leave…

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